You Have to See Lena Zaycman Stunning Stained Glass Sculptures

Stained glass art is experiencing a boom on Instagram thanks to the many artists who are embracing this amazing art form. Lena Zaycman is one of the very best, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with her glorious nature-inspired stained glass sculptures.

Zaycman is based in St. Petersburg, and she studied math at university before she became an artist. The connection between these two fields may not be obvious, but the precision and clarity she mastered while learning geometry and technical drawing came in handy with her art.

Zaycman’s stained glass sculptures are best known for their vivid mix of colors, which makes it seem like they’re dancing in the light. She uses the Tiffany technique to bring each art piece to life, and she explained her process in an interview with Etsy Blog.

“While I’m sketching I’ll imagine the overall color scheme for the design. I start with the glass color that I’m most certain I want to use, and once I’ve cut all the pieces in that color, I’ll move on to the next, holding up color options alongside it to see how well they fit,” said Zaycman.

When it comes to the topics she enjoys exploring, she’s usually inspired by nature. Many of her sculptures are shaped like butterflies, birds, dogs, and moths, but some take more unusual abstract shapes.