You Can Possibly Win a $1 Million Picasso Painting

We’ve recently stumbled across one of the most interesting raffles we’ve ever seen. Hosted by the French charity organization Aider les Autres together with the Picasso Estate, this unique raffle is your chance to win an original Picasso still life painting worth $1 million for a modest entry fee of 100 euros ($111).

The raffle is called “1 Picasso for 100 Euros” and it’s open to participants around the world. The painting you can win is Nature Morte and it’s currently displayed at the Picasso Museum in Paris. The oil on canvas shows a newspaper and a glass of absinthe and it reflects the “Crystal” Cubism movement which typically features two-dimensional objects.

The players who decide to enter the raffle will stand a 1-in-200,000 chance to win the painting. All the funds after the acquisition will go towards CARE International, an organization that supports school rehabilitation and helps provide clean water in countries like Madagascar, Cameroon, and Morocco.

The draw will happen on January 6th, 2020 and you can follow it on