You Can Now Buy Polly Pocket Makeup From Hot Topic

This year, the 90s are back but then again, they seem to make a comeback in some form most years. If you’re less interested in trend following and more interested in 90s nostalgia, then you’ll love the new Polly Pocket collection at Hot Topic.

The collection is designed in the theme of the beloved childhood toys and contains 17 products overall.

The product description for the eye-shadow palette reads: “Polly Pocket started from a powder compact, and now she’s back to her make up roots with this super cute eyeshadow palette! It’s not quite pocket sized, but the 10 shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, were all inspired by her classic pastel style.

“The brush has a removable silicone topper shaped like Polly. The packaging is designed to look like a Polly Pocket case, complete with 3D furniture and Polly inside.”

The collection celebrates Polly Pocket’s 30th anniversary so it’s the perfect excuse to get nostalgic.