Woven Bins and Baskets are the Biggest Home Decor Fall Trend

Woven bins, baskets, and many other home items are the easiest way to change something in your home without investing too much money or even making a real effort. They remind us of apple picking season and they tend to have a fall vibe, but they are neutral enough to become permanent decor items. The new season brings new photos on social media and we have brought you some of our favorites.


There are many ways to make woven baskets a part of your interior and some of them get pretty unconventional. For example, here’s a photo of the woven pendant light that we loved and there are many more on the Instagram page of this Bali-based brand.

Many different brands carry woven home decor items in their new collections and prices range vary from budget to luxurious. If you want to make one yourself, it makes a perfect fall DIY project.

What’s your favorite? Scroll down to see several items we loved the most so far, but we’re sure we’ll see plenty more from creative people on Instagram in the next few months!