Workouts Inspired by Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” are Taking YouTube by Storm

Harry Styles made quite a splash with his latest album Harry’s House and he topped the charts all around the globe. It was just a matter of time before our favorite fitness influencers started sharing workout videos inspired by this album and here are some of the very best that we stumbled upon.


MadFit is one of YouTube’s leading dance cardio channels, and her workout videos choreographed to the beat of the latest chart-topping hits are a joy to watch. After sharing a short “As It Was” workout, she couldn’t resist filming a longer, 15-minute clip featuring the album’s other catchy songs.

Kyra Pro

Instead of creating a classic dance workout, Kyra Pro decided to do something different and filmed a walking workout instead. If her YouTube workout isn’t long enough for you, you can head to her Patreon for a longer 30-minute clip, featuring some of the more underrated songs, such as “Matilda” and “Grapejuice”.


If you’re looking for a workout that will put a smile on your face while helping you burn some major calories, EmkFit’s videos will be your cup of tea. This one includes some of the biggest hits from Harry’s House, including “As It Was”, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, and “Late Night Talking”.