Woman Mocks Annoying Camping Trend On Instagram, And We’re Applauding


When outdoor campers finally found the wondrous world of Instagram, a dishonest trend began to emerge. People would take photos of their tents in absolutely ridiculous locations and pretend they actually slept there. Well, thankfully, we have a hero to combat this web of lies.

Luisa Jeffery learned about this deceitful epidemic after a camping trip to the Grand Canyon in 2015. When her friends took a photo of their tent on the edge of a cliffside, that’s when she learned tent posing was “a thing.”

Inspired to shed light on these lies, she immediately made the Instagram account “You Did Not Sleep There” – and, 100,000 followers later, the world has never been the same.

Too Cool

If you need pro tips on how to get hypothermia, this guy has you covered. With the invention of Instagram, it seems the “survival” aspect of camping has completely fallen by the wayside.

According to Luisa, while she’s unsure if this photo is staged or not, the frigid cold and unstable supports make this is a horrible place to relax. Yet, surprisingly, the next campers on this list picked a camping spot that is even worse.

Like A Nicholas Sparks’ Movie

The location is not bad – in fact, it is beautiful – but the way these campers have set up their base is so, so wrong.

The days of Bear Grylls and rugged outdoor survivalists are long gone. In their place, we have couples setting up glamor campsites that would be ruined by a slight breeze. Well, at least their fall would be less painful than the next camper’s…

Don’t Roll Over

Why? Just… why!? No sane person would EVER sleep on the very edge of a cliffside. If this camper ever wakes up on the wrong side of bed, his caterpillar-shaped self is in for a long, long fall.