Will Smith is Releasing a “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Clothing Line

Will Smith "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air." Photo by Nbc/Stuffed Dog/Quincy Jones Ent/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (5884676aa)

Will Smith has shared that he is releasing a The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-inspired clothing line.

The new collection will contain 26 unique pieces and they have all been inspired by Smith’s iconic 90s sitcom. He previewed the clothing line on Ellen, commenting: “This is some special state-of-the-art stuff. It’s not even out yet. This is like a merch line I’m doing. I’m doing a secret drop — well, it’s not secret anymore, I just announced it.”

Smith also gave fans a sneak peek into the collection via his Instagram account. He modeled pieces from the collection himself and there is no denying that the range is 100% ’90s.

He captioned the video: “I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I put it on sale.”

The range is called ‘Bel-Air Athletics’ range and it includes throwback tees and sports accessories. The collection will arrive October 14, but it is available to pre-order and to browse here.