What to Change in Your Skincare Routine When the Days Get Colder

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

The skin has a protective role and it’s an important barrier between our bodies and the environment. That’s why it’s easy to notice when the skin is not happy. We all need everyday routines to keep the skin looking and feeling great, and those routines should change when the seasons do.


In the fall, the weather is different and our approach to skincare needs to be different. Here are the most important steps to take now.

  • Change the cleanser. Your skin sweats less now so you can probably do with something gentler than what you used in the summer.
  • Change the toner. You will need an additional hydration now when the air becomes drier.
  • Oil-based creams that hydrate and nourish the skin are great for the colder weather.
  • No matter the season, one thing shouldn’t change – make sure you drink plenty of water!