Ways to Make a Small Yard Feel Bigger

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The backyard brings about plenty of memories but what to do when the patch of grass you have is not big enough to take in a kid’s pool. There are alternatives to turn a miniature sized yard into the best spot to chill.

Reduce your lawn

The thought of getting a grassy lawn seems very exciting to you. But, with limited space, you are restricting the development of the yard even further. Using cemented areas can help you plan for seating and placing other ornaments.

Think vertically

There are other ways to analyze how the setup will look like such as height. You could add in some overhead lighting and climbing vegetation. Or starting from scratch by installing steps going to areas of varying heights can work wonders.


Don’t under-furnish

A less-is-more is ideal in this aspect. However, small spaces can make certain areas feel a little reduced and out of shape. Planning ahead is a good idea for stuff you have space for such as chairs.


Loving neutrals

Having a prejudiced view of certain colors can have a crowding effect. Adding a lighter and more neutral color selection will add an airy quietness, to any area.


Softening things up

Make your outdoor space feel like another part of your home. By including elements such as cushions and throw blankets. Rugs are great to bring out the color of the room.