Vibrant Mandala Art Painted on Stones

Painting on stones is not a new art form and people have been using stones to make art probably since forever. Nevertheless, Australian artist Elspeth McLean managed to take this to another level by creating vibrant mandala stones.

McLean fell in love with mandala art a long time ago and she started out by creating mini mandala paintings. One day while photographing her art, she noticed that her paintings paired perfectly with stones and that’s when she decided to try painting mandalas on stones.

“A few weeks later in Australia, during a “crafter-noon” with friends, I painted the very first batch of many Mandala Stones to come. I was delighted! These stones had my whole heart,” the artist wrote on her website.  

“I took a photo, shared it on my Facebook page, and went to bed. The next morning, I saw that my photo had been viewed over 30,000 times! This is the first time my art had gone ‘viral’.”

Her intricate creations already won hearts of thousands of people around the world and McLean garnered nearly 16 thousand followers on Instagram.

Check out McLean inspiring artwork in the photos below.