Use These Tips to Take Your Baked Feta Pasta to the Next Level

Baked feta pasta.
Image by qwartm/Depositphotos

If we had to pick the biggest food craze of 2021 so far, it would probably be baked feta pasta. This tasty dish took the whole world by storm after becoming a TikTok sensation, and if the brief videos didn’t show you how to perfect the recipe, these three tips will get you there.

Dish Choice

The size of the dish you’re using for your baked pasta will determine how tasty it’s going to be. It’s highly recommended to avoid using a baking dish that’s too big because the ingredients won’t snug together nicely and it’s highly likely they’ll cook unevenly.

Pasta Water

Most people don’t bother saving their pasta water after draining the pasta, but you should do it when making this dish. There’s a chance you won’t need it, but if you’re not happy with the texture of your baked pasta, you can use the leftover water to make it thinner and smoother.

Ingredient Choice

By this point in time, you’ve probably seen people experiment with their baked feta pasta, and use much more than just cherry tomatoes and feta cheese to make it. You can do it as well and take your recipe to the next level with your favorite veggies and spices.