Update Your Home Decor With These One-Day Decorating Projects

Are you looking for a new project to take up your time? You can upgrade any room in your house with these fun, easy DIY decorating projects. Check them out below.


Make extra storage space with this pegboard by simply drilling holes into plywood in a grid pattern and using dowels to support shelves, rods, and hanging items.

Picture Ledges

Make the perfect ledge to display all of your family memories. All you need are 1×4 boards and some fresh paint.


Accent Wallpaper

Create an accent wall without having to commit to painting them. Your wallpaper should match one color from your existing walls.

Dresser Makeover

Do you have a boring dresser that doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic of your room? Update it by giving it a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.


Spruce Up Dining Chairs

Take your dining chairs from drab to stylish with bold paint color and add some cushions or pillows to make them more comfortable.