Unique Shelve Designs to Upgrade Your Home Decor

Even the tiniest details can make your home look like you’ve spent a million bucks on it. Shelves are those details you can play with and elevate every single room. We bring you some super-trendy shelve designs you can even make at home with a little imagination.

Golden Vibes

Wooden shelve designs are so basic, that we all want to escape that pattern. You can always get innovative with materials and even mix and match. The shelves above are so chic and perfect for any room in the house.

Less is More

Sometimes less is more. It all depends on your taste and the rest of the room decor. These shelves can tone down a maximalist interior design, and fit perfectly in an industrial style room.

Play With Shapes

Shapes are huge right now in architecture. The statement shelve design that always catches the eye will really bring a new perspective to your space. If the rest of the decor is minimalist, the shelves will literally be the centerpiece in the room.


Not So Basic

A fabulous shelve pattern on a wall will take your room to a whole new level. If you want to take it up a notch, paint both halves in contrasting colors.