Unique Bags That Should Be On Your Must-have List

A girl can never have enough bags in her wardrobe, right? But next time you decide to buy a bag, make sure to treat yourself to a nice and unique piece that’ll instantly upgrade your wardrobe to a whole new level. Check out these brands that make the most unique bags we’ve seen lately.

Leaf bags

Leafling is a Budapest-based shop founded by Gabriella Moldovanyi and her partner Adam. These creative people are making unique bags inspired by nature and most of their backpacks, tote bags and purses are shaped like leaves.

Wooden bags

Creating bags out of wood? This idea probably hadn’t crossed your mind yet, but the Istanbul-based shop called GRAV GRAV has been doing this for a while now. Each of these awesome bags is handcrafted from materials such as walnut, oak, and beech wood and at the end decorated with nature-inspired patterns.


Book bags

Krukrustudio is a Moscow-based shop that first gained our attention by designing unique and intricate bags shaped like wings. Their newest collection, however, is perfect for book lovers who would like to turn their favorite book into a handcrafted bag they can carry with them everywhere. So far they’ve made Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Little Prince, and many other book-inspired bags, and they’re absolutely out of this world.