“Undercover Color” is the Funky Trend Taking Off On Instagram

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Undercover color is the brilliant hair trend that allows you to transform your office hair into party hair at a second’s notice.

The trend is simple. Rather than dying your hair a bright color all over, you dye a section of your hair that can be hidden under your natural hair color. That way, you can keep it secret until you put your hair up, revealing the dyed hair underneath.


“There are so many options to this trend, natural or crazy color, you name it, all the possible shades work perfectly, but what makes it is the contrast,” Veronica Wysocka, hair colorist at Josh Wood Colour said of her creation. “It a definite 90s throwback, with a dark and light contrast a simple way to work the look, but in the 20s it’s about taking the look to the extreme and making it bolder, neater and even more contrasting than ever before.”

If you have an undercut or shorter layers, it’s the perfect way to mix up your style without playing with extensions. You can hide the bright color beneath the rest of your hair making the switch between professional and party hair seamless.


Would you give this wild style a try?