Typewriters are the Ultimate Nostalgia Piece and Hobby!

Typewriters are such a gorgeous relic from the past. Before laptops and computers, typewriters were the only way to communicate with people besides handwriting.

Now, typewriters serve an even better purpose: as a fun and nostalgic way to connect with the past while making a statement! Typewriters are also really easy to come by at second-hand stores and thrift shops and for not that much money they can really enhance your decor and lifestyle!

Having a typewriter can really make a room feel more like home. Especially a space that has a lot of antique pieces, a typewriter will fit in perfectly and is a great larger item to have on display instead of having a lot of knick-knacks.

Another perfect place to put a typewriter is in a study or office space. This will give the room a really grounded feel and make the room feel more productive.

Typewriters are also a great place to put things like flowers; you can have plants growing out of it, and more. It really gives the typewriter a fresh and alive feeling because of the color, but it also gives you a new place to display your plants or flowers besides in regular vases and pots.