Try These Natural Alternatives to Food Coloring

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and besides for dying Easter eggs, another culinary experience we’re looking forward to is icing sugar cookies. If you want to stay clear of artificial coloring, we have three brands that use only plant-based ingredients that will also make your desserts look amazing.


McCormick, one of the nation’s largest distributor of spices and food coloring, offers McCormick’s Nature-Inspired Food Colors which are made from plants, vegetables, and seeds. The colors are sky blue which is made from spirulina, a berry which is made from beet juice, and sunflower which is made from turmeric.

India Tree

India Tree only uses natural sources of vegetables, fruits, and spices that have been approved by the FDA. The brand offers four liquid vegetable-based colors—red, yellow, blue, and orange that blend easily into batters and mixes.

Suncore Foods

This company has over 20 shades of 100 percent plant-based colors that are made from fruits, vegetables, leaves, and flowers. Each color has one plant-derived ingredient. The colors include pure red dragon fruit powder, red beet powder, and blue butterfly pea powder.