Transport Yourself Into a “Stranger Things” World with the New Levi’s Line

One of the greatest things about being a Stranger Things fan is that you never run out of amazing merch inspired by your favorite series. Leading brands are constantly coming up with new collections based on this show, and Levi’s recently unveiled the best one we’ve seen so far.

What sets the new Levi’s range aside from dozens of others you can find online is the fact they worked directly with the Netflix wardrobe team. Designers working for the iconic denim company actually helped them develop character outfits for Season 3.

Levi’s then went on to recreate some of our favorite pieces stitch-for-stitch and created authentic reproductions that look exactly like the clothes we’ve seen on the show. Getting dressed as Eleven or Dustin this Halloween will be easier than ever, but we wouldn’t mind rocking these pieces on a daily basis.

Some of our favorite items are Dustin’s “Camp Know Where” tee, Eleven’s yellow shirt with Aztec symbols and jeans, and truckers with tiny “Stranger Things” patches. Some of the pieces even feature inverted tags, as a nod to the Upside Down.