Transform a Pair of Old Flip Flops Into Fancy Summer Sandals

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

Flip-flops can be pretty comfortable and practical, but the only downside is that they usually don’t last for too long. If you have an old pair that you’re no longer using, you can easily transform them into stylish sandals instead.

You can find many tutorials that will teach you how to give your flip-flops a total makeover. The one that caught our eye was shared by the YouTube channel Aloha Crafts, and the end result is so impressive that it’s almost impossible to tell these sandals are hand-made.

In addition to utilizing an old pair of flip-flops, you’ll also need jute threads, felt paper, and some fabric for decorating the sandals to your liking. The list of tools utilized in this tutorial includes white glue, a glue gun, a brush, thread, and needle.

You don’t have to be an expert to follow this tutorial, because it will walk you through each of the steps. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll end up with a stylish pair of slippers you can wear everywhere you go.