Top Wedding Trends for 2020, According to Etsy

According to Etsy, personalization will be the biggest wedding trend. In 2020, wedding trends are all about making it personal for the two of you, without worrying about what others think. Here are some of the more specific trends we’ll see this year.

The ’70s Theme

From invitations to wedding dresses, more and more couples are loving the ’70s theme for their weddings. Etsy has a lot of different stores selling retro decor and other wedding accessories.

Man of Honor

Roles like the man of honor or bridesman are not unusual anymore. What’s important is to include the people you love at the wedding, because it’s your big day and your opportunity to share it with friends and family.

Wedding Pantsuits

Instead of wedding dresses, many brides are opting for pantsuits. It’s a brave but stylish choice that we can’t help but love.

Couples Jackets

Custom coordinated coats and jackets for the couples to wear at their wedding are here to stay. They are a great photo prop and come in a variety of cool fabrics, such as leather and hand-painted denim.