Top Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘A Good Person’

Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh in
Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh in "A Good Person"

A Good Person is one of the latest films to hit the big screens. Written and directed by Zach Braff, the storyline is about a young woman with a promising future career and fiancé when everything suddenly changes after a life-changing tragedy. With an incredible cast and a touching plot, you should definitely watch this film.

The Cast

With Florence Pugh playing the lead character and acts across from Morgan Freeman, making it a no-brainer to see movie. Florence Pugh is an exceptional actress who often plays strong characters in drama movies, and her character in this movie was written specifically with her in mind. And Morgan Freeman is, well, Morgan Freeman. These two are exceptional actors, and the two playing across from each other is magical. With other amazing actors, this cast works well to deliver a fantastic movie.

The Plot

The movie was written by Zach Braff in 2020 during the pandemic. He wanted to tackle the growing issue of pharmaceutical prescriptions and the negative effects of them. The story follows how Alison was involved in an accident and becomes reliant on painkillers, while also dealing with unresolved grief. Following the years, she comes into contact with her would-be-father-in-law, and the two become unlikely friends. This friendship, while having its ups and downs, helps her get her life on track and allows her to move past the addiction.