5 Purchases to Keep You Healthy and Armed Through Flu Season

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Unfortunately, the winter tends to wreak havoc on our immune systems, and we become more susceptible to the flu.

So far, this winter has seen the worst flu epidemic in the United States than its experienced in over a decade, which means that self-care absolutely must be prioritized right now.

Aside from washing your hands often and disinfecting shared spaces and main harborers of germs such as door handles, shared keys, and the like, you should arm yourself with a handful of products that’ll help maintain your health and keep any festering germs at bay. Consider adding the following 5 items to your arsenal of self-care in order to stay healthy and secure throughout the winter flu season:





Neti Pot


Loose Leaf Tea Steeper


Antibacteral Wipes