Richest Countries in the World you Should Probably Visit

Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash

Every year we get a new list of the richest and poorest countries in the world. It’s made based on various factors and this year the top 3 places are held by three small countries. Could be a good chance to go visit one of them and add a new country to your list!

#3 Singapore

Singapore has made it to the #3 this year. The Asian microcosmos is the home to many Chinese, Malaysian and Indian people, but the number of foreign residents keeps growing each year. The country has so much to offer and it’s in the perfect location for doing business in Asia.

#2 Luxembourg

This tiny country is famous for its size and position. It is located in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of many cultures and influences. The capital has a fairy-tale quality to its Unesco-listed historic core, and its dramatic cliff top.

#1 Qatar

Around 14% of Qatar’s households are millionaires, so it’s not surprising that this country has kept the title of the richest country in the world. Around three decades ago, Qatar was a fishermen’s village but its transformation it’s seen is incredible. Some of the favorite tourist sites are The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and Souq Waqif : the traditional old marketplace of Qatar.