Top 10 Vegan Cities in the World

When you’re a vegan, traveling abroad can be daunting, because it could mean living off bread and tomatoes for the next two weeks. Fortunately, many cities are becoming increasingly vegan-friendly with vegetarian and vegan restaurants popping up in the most unlikely cities. If you’d rather be spoilt for choice though, here are 10 of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.

Barcelona, Spain

Plenty of vegan supermarkets and restaurants are popping up in this eccentric city. There’s even a vegetarian and vegan pizzeria.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has an actual street known as “vegan street” which is home to 26 vegan restaurants so far.

Budapest, Hungary

Not only is there a lot of choices here, but it’s also cheap.

Rome, Italy

The city of pizza, pasta and ice-cream seems a nightmare for vegans, but there are actually plenty of traditional Italian vegan options arising.

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s a huge selection of vegan choices in Thailand’s capital city. From traditional Thai food to vegan coffees and ice-cream, Thailand is a dream location for anyone living the animal-product free lifestyle.

Mexico City, Mexico

There’s a fantastic choice of vegan street food, including tacos, in Mexico City right now.

Brighton, UK

Brighton is home to Food for Friends, which has been cooking vegetarian and vegan friendly meals since 1981. In recent years, a whole bunch of other restaurants have followed in its path.

NYC, New York

You can find just about anything in New York City, so it’s unsurprising that this includes a host of vegan friendly places too.

Tel Aviv, Israel

In recent years, Tel Aviv has become increasingly ethically and health conscious and has the highest percentage of vegans living there. It is consequently home to over 400 vegan-friendly restaurants.

Bay Area, California

Unsurprisingly, California does not leave vegans out and San Francisco and the surrounding are is very, very vegan-friendly.