Too Busy to Work Out? Here’s How You Can Fit Mini-Workouts Into Your Day!

Ab workout
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

One of the most common excuses people use for not working out is the lack of time. A busy schedule can stand in a way of intense, one-hour workouts, but you can still find 10 or 15 minutes in your day to do some light exercises. Fitting a mini-workout into your day isn’t rocket science and here are some of the best ways to get it done.

Perfect Timing

Mini-workouts are so short that you can do them whenever you want, but picking the right time always helps. If you prefer getting things done in the morning, consider doing a short workout as soon as you get up. Leaving them for the evening is also an option, in case you want to focus on your other task during the day.


If your schedule is so packed that you can’t work out without doing something else at the same time, multitasking is always an option. As long as your form is good and you’re staying focused, you can watch Netflix, talk on a phone, or listen to a podcast while working out.

Go With Your Gut

Mini-workouts are so short that you don’t have to schedule them into your day. As long as they’re not distracting you from other things that you have to get done, you can do a mini-workout whenever you feel like it – even if it’s for just five minutes.