Tips And Tricks For Camping This Summer

Photo by Julian Bialowas on Unsplash

Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors by going on a camping trip! Whether you’re an experienced camper or have never had the pleasure of camping, here are some tips and tricks that will you help out and let you have the most amount of fun!

Toilet Paper

Keep your toilet paper safe and clean by putting it in a used coffee can. You can also make it into a dispense by cutting a slit in the side where the sheets can come out.

Headlamp Lantern

If you want to have a little light in your tent to read or to talk to your friend, you can make an easy lantern with just a milk jug and a headlamp! Wrap your headlamp around the empty jug and the light will diffuse enough to make a pretty decent lantern.

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Tacos in a Bag

Camping is all about being resourceful and not bringing what you don’t need. A fun dinner idea is to skip the bowls or plates and use a bag of chips instead! You can use Doritos or whatever kind of chips you like to flavor your taco and bring along any fixings you would like to add.

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