Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Items on eBay

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

It’s always a good idea to declutter your home and freeing up space. Instead of throwing away your unwanted items, why not list them on eBay? You can send your items off to a new owner and make some cash in the process. Here are some tips for getting your items sold.

Categorize Your Items Properly

Make sure you list your item in the appropriate category. People often filter their searches via category and if your item is listed in the wrong place, interested buyers won’t be able to find it.

Give Good Customer Service

All sellers on eBay are given a rating. If you deliver faulty items and ignore queries, your rating will drop and you will struggle to sell future items. To build up a good reputation, stay up to date with messages and make sure your items are delivered in the condition described.

Set a Reserve Price

If you aren’t happy to sell your item below a certain price, set a reserve price. That way, if only a few people bid, it won’t be sold unless that price is met.

Run Your Auction For 10 Days

eBay recommends running your auction for 10 days to get the maximum exposure and improve your chance of selling.

Post Good Photos

When people buy online, they like to be confident that they know what they are getting. Using decent, well-lit photos will improve your chances of selling. Pair these up with accurate product descriptions and you are good to go.