Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

For almost every bearer of bangs, the time eventually comes that you are ready to retire the fringe. Whether you made an impulse decision to cut your own bangs during quarantine and immediately realized you’d made a mistake or you’re just ready to move on from years of beloved bang-wearing, the process of growing out bangs is long, hard, and annoying. Here are some tips to make it a bit easier.

Get Clippy

When growing out bangs, clips will be your best friend. So invest in some cute barrettes and bobby pins the color of your hair in order to make the most out of having to constantly clip hair out of your face.

Change Up Your Part

Bangs at different lengths of being grown out may look whack when parted one way but totally reasonable with a different hair part. If you’re having a particularly bad bang day, try changing up your part so see if it might make it look better.

Braid it Up

Once your bangs hit a certain length, you can totally braid them to get them out of the way and also bring some style into it. 2004 Lauren Conrad, anyone?