Tips for Getting Your First Tattoo

Photo by Rad Pozniakov on Unsplash

Tattoos are so popular these days it seems like almost everybody has one. But if you’re just thinking about getting your first one, it can feel a little scary. To ease your nerves, here are some tips for getting your first tattoo.

Eat Breakfast

If you’re afraid of needles or have low pain tolerance, getting a tattoo may make you feel a little light-headed. To avoid fainting, make sure to eat a healthy meal and drink water before you go in for your tattoo.

Bring a Friend

Having a supportive friend along to hold your hand during your tattoo can be a great help, but don’t bring more than one person as it may get a bit too rowdy and crowded.


All pain is temporary, and tattoos are no exception. No matter how much it may hurt, breathing through the pain will help you get through it.

Start Small

Even if you have sleeve dreams, try to get something small for your first tattoo. It’ll be quick and easy and you can always go bigger later on. That way, you don’t have to dread an hours-long session as your first tattooing experience.