Tiny Plants Perfect For Your Desk

Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

There is truly nothing cuter than a tiny plant, so why not liven up your office space by decorating your desk with them? They are perfect because no matter how much space you have (or don’t have), you can still incorporate some green into your office space with the miniature versions of big plants. Here are some of the best small plants for your desk!

Mini Aloe Vera

You may be familiar with the healing properties of an aloe vera plant, but did you know that they are beautiful too? These spiky-looking plants can be bought really small, and they require minimal care. You only need to water it once every two weeks! 

Mini Nerve Plant

This mini plant is super unique with its nerve-like veins throughout the leaves. Some of the plants even have pink veins, making it super unique and beautiful. Although this plant will wilt if you neglect to water it, it will perk back up shortly after you rehydrate it. 

Mini Moth Orchid

Mini moth orchids are a beautiful addition to any desk if you are looking for something with flowers, rather than just a leafy, green plant. The flowers last for months with proper care, making it a great option for your office space.