Three Ways To Make Guest Feel Welcome In Your Home

Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

In colonial times, you would leave a pineapple outside your house to indicate that you were willing to take strangers in for the night. Hospitality has changed so much and most of the beautiful qualities of being a host have become extinct. But being a good host is so important and really easier than people think. Consider these tips the next time you have guests over.


Just about everyone will tell you handwritten notes and letters are dead, but it is so easy to change that! Leaving a small note on the bed for your guests welcoming them takes only a few minutes and will really resonate with them. You can also let them know where the coffee and tea is in the morning in case they are early risers.


Some people really do not like walking around the house without something on their feet, but no one wants to actually pack slippers. Simply purchase a cheap pair and put them next to the bed and your guests will automatically feel so grateful and at home.


Depending on the temperature of your house and the weather, some of your guests might be colder and hotter. Leave extra blankets in a beautiful basket for them to use at their own leisure.