This Woman Won the Best Job on the Planet

Image via sorelleamore/Instagram

What would your dream job look like? For Sorelle Amore, it was to travel the world and get paid for it.

Amore’s dream came true, and she’s the envy of thousands of people as she travels from one exotic destination to another, stays in 5-star accommodations, and is actually paid very well for it.

The Job Of A Lifetime

It all started when Amore confided in her brother that she really wanted to do something in travel for work, and as if on cue, he stumbled upon an ad for the “Best Job On The Planet” by ThirdHome.

The job involved traveling to 12 destinations, staying in luxurious accommodations, and documenting the journey. All expenses were paid and it came with a $40,000 paycheck.

“It matched so perfectly to my goals, I was sure it was going to be me,” shares Amore. “I made sure I was truly vulnerable and honest in my video entries, pouring my heart into every single one.”

It probably didn’t hurt that she already had an Instagram following of over 100,000!

How She Got So Many Followers

Amore’s fame on Instagram all began when she decided to move from Australia to Iceland in the heat of the moment. With little to do in her new environment, she decided to take pictures of beautiful landscapes along with photos of herself. People started to follow Amore and ask her all kinds of questions about Iceland, so she knew she was on the right track.

Around The World And Back Again

The “Best Job On The Planet” brought her to places like Scotland, the Bahamas, Morocco, Costa Rica and China before taking her back home to Australia.

The perks were unreal – Amore says that she got to stay in lux accommodations like a Scotland castle, 12-bedroom mansions with eight staff, and gorgeous villas, all complete with stunning views.

“I still don’t believe it’s real,” expresses Amore. “I just experienced what some people will never experience in their lifetime and I did it in three months.”

Although the job is over now, Amore has decided to continue being a travel influencer while teaching others how to do it themselves.

“I discovered this is a really great way to live,” she summarizes. “Why would you not want to have a job like this?”