This Is The Most Instagrammable Hotel In The World

Scrolling through people’s holiday pics on Instagram is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Googling beautiful beaches and plush hotels is excellent fantasy material. On the other hand, watching some girl you once sat behind in class enjoying a Pina Colada in Cancun while you take a two minute work break is a little painful.

Still, some hotels were made for Instagram and make for the kind of snaps you can’t help but give the love-heart-smiley-eyes stamp of approval. One of these hotels is Ibiza’s Wi-Ki-Woo which has been dubbed the “most Instagrammable” hotel in the world.

The hotel is a celebrity hot spot and looks a little like the Love Island villa.

The baby pink and blue color scheme makes the hotel look more like a giant playhouse than a generic hotel complex. The bedrooms are equally lush and there’s a great view.

So basically, if you are a fan of vacation porn, you might want to follow @wikiwoo_ibiza ASAP.