This is the Best Time to Try Randonauting

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

If you have TikTok or Reddit, you may have heard about randonauting, which is an activity taking over the internet—and the real world—by storm. It’s kind of science-fictiony and hard to explain, but the basic idea behind randonauting is that it allows you to go to randomly-generated locations in your neighborhood.

People randonaut for many different reasons. Some want to use it as a catalyst to break free from their patterns and get out of their usual comfort zone, going to places they wouldn’t typically go to. But the part of randonauting that people are getting most excited about is the version that involves setting an intention and seeing if you’re able to find it in the random location you generated.

Reddit is full of stories of people having eerily successful randonauting trips, like this user who set the intention of “dog” and found a stray dog to adopt.

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If this sounds like the kind of thing you might be into, this is the time to give it a shot. Randonauting is a great way to get a sense of adventure and exploration that you can typically only get from traveling without actually having to leave the country, which makes it perfect for Corona times. Sure, gyms might be closed, but this is a great form of exercise that may also have some magical results. So download the app and give it a shot!