This Haircut Will Give Your Locks Instant Volume

Layered hair
Image by Ana Alice Azevedo from Pexels

If you’re the type who wants the volume of your hair to drown out those around you, then the “air cut” is what you should request from your stylist this season. Because, let’s be honest, flat hair just won’t fly at all those holiday parties coming up!

The cut is all about creating volume with clever layering that gives body and movement. Originating in Korea, the style has spread around the world thanks, in part, to TikTok.

The key to achieving the look is to cut wispy layers, particularly around the face. This gives the hair a lightweight, feathery appearance which is where the “air cut” derives its name. Running your fingers through your tresses will give you that Farah Fawcett feel! 

Another win for the air cut is that is works on pretty much every hair type. Limp hair will benefit from the volume that the layers create, and thick hair will have more movement because it is not as weighed down. Using a volumizing spray and some velcro rollers will help achieve that bounce.

Just remember that this style looks best with regular maintenance, so make sure to visit your stylist every six weeks for a trim.