This Banana is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen or Eaten

Most people think of bananas as the simple fruits you eat on the go, or maybe sliced into your bowl of oatmeal or on top of a smoothie bowl. But in specific parts of the world, bananas look like something out of your imagination, and you’ll never believe it’s actually real.

Blue java bananas are bananas that are totally naturally blue. This specific type of banana grows in Southeast Asia primarily, but also shows up in the northern parts of Australia as well, which are fairly close together in the grand scheme of things.

Blue java bananas are also called the Ice Cream Banana, because the flavor is not that of a normal yellow banana. Instead, the flavor is very similar to vanilla ice cream, and the texture is also more like softened ice cream than a regular banana.

These blue bananas are used in cooking in both hot and cold applications. A lot of people who live where they grow use them to make ice cream since the flavor is so appropriate and the texture makes for a really smooth dessert.

So, if you had the chance, would you try these blue bananas? Or are you a traditionalist and only stick with yellow?