This Artist s Exploring His Love For Birds Through His Drawings

Photo: heymerac/Instagram

Artists are constantly looking for sources of inspiration that will give their work meaning, and Daniel Merac was lucky enough to find his. This visual artist from Colombia wowed his followers on Instagram with incredibly detailed drawings of his favorite bird species.

Merac started creating hand-drawn visual pieces after participating in popular drawing challenge called Inktober back in 2015. This experience awakened his passion for traditional illustration, and he combined it with his favorite hobby – birdwatching.

This young artist has drawn around 100 bird species in the years that followed, and he’s showing no signs of stopping. His hometown of Cali is the city with the highest amount of bird species in Colombia – 561, to be precise – and we wouldn’t be surprised if Merac eventually ended up drawing all of them.

In addition to providing him with enough space to grow as an artist, drawing birds proved to be therapeutic and enlightening experience. It taught him to embrace tiny mistakes, pay more attention to detail and learn more about these winged subjects so he could show them in the right light.