This Adorable Photo Album Box is a Perfect DIY Gift

Giving your friends or loved ones a photo album or a frame with your picture is a perfect way to celebrate your relationship, but if you want to make something even more amazing and unique on your own, we’ve got איק perfect DIY gift just for you.

Photo album boxes let you keep your favorite photos in one place, but unlike the classic albums – they come with an element of surprise. Your loved ones won’t know what hit them until they open the box, and it’s extremely easy to make one on your own.

Hacks Land shared a tutorial that shows a step-to-step process of making an origami paper box with a lid, which can be used as a mini photo album box. The list of items they used in the process includes color paper, glitter sheet, glue, tiny ribbon, and stickers.

It’s ultimately up to you how you’ll decorate your own album box, but the basic steps are pretty simple, and you don’t have to have any DIY experience to pull it off. Whatever the final result may be, we’re pretty sure that the receiver will be surprised and truly appreciate the effort.