Things You Should Never Store in the Bathroom

Photo by Logan Ripley on Unsplash

Nearly all of us are guilty of keeping the toothbrush at the sink, but did you know that you shouldn’t be doing that? Since it’s not practical to keep the toothbrush elsewhere, consider covering it with a plastic lid. Still, some things shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom, and here they are.


Keep your pills somewhere dark and dry, not in the bathroom cabinet where the temperature and moisture vary daily.

Makeup and Brushes

Increased exposure to heat and humidity can make your makeup items go bad quick. As for the brushes, they are prone to holding bacteria and germs in the humid environment – out they go.


Your favorite perfume starts degenerating from the minute you open it. Don’t speed this process up by keeping it in the warm, humid room.


Noticed your razors rusting fast? Again, it’s the heat and humidity. Don’t keep the extra razors in your bathroom.


Avoid storing your electronics in the bathroom, even if that’s where you use them (say, hairdryer).