Things That Can Annoy Your Hairdresser

We all love going to the hair salon and relaxing in that chair while our hairdresser is doing the magic.

However, according to hairdressers, there are many annoying and rude things their customers do that can be pretty stressful. Here are some things that can really stress out your hairdresser.

Showing Up Late

If you don’t show up on time, you’re messing up the rest of your stylist’s schedule. It’s best to come 5-10 minutes before the appointment.

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Talking on The Cell Phone

This is not only rude, but it can also distract and frustrate your hairdresser. Talking on the phone or constantly moving your head is making their job a lot harder and you’re also risking a bad haircut.

Canceling at the Last Minute

Giving a 24-hour notice that you want to cancel is a polite thing to do. Otherwise, you’re costing your hairdresser money and there’s a good chance you’ll end up on their blacklist. It’s not rude to cancel, it’s rude not to show up or cancel at the last minute.

Don’t Know What You Want

Stylist hate this! A professional can always give you a great haircut, but chances are you won’t like it if you don’t know what you want in the first place.

Vague Demands

Saying that you want a haircut like Jennifer Aniston is not something your hairdresses likes to hear. The best thing you can do is to bring pictures of the exact haircut you want, so there’s no confusion later.