These Wedding Photos Of Newlyweds With Their Cats Will Give You Life

Photo: marianna_catographer/Instagram

Post-wedding photos usually follow a similar formula, but not when Marianna Zampieri is the one behind the camera. She specializes in taking photos of newlyweds with their adorable cats.

Zampieri describes herself as catographer, and she spent years taking photos of kitties on the streets of Venice. She also enjoys taking photos of cats with people whom they created a special bond with, and that’s the main theme of her amazing wedding pics.

Zampieri got this idea very organically – on her own wedding day.

“I thought about Post Wedding with cats when I got married, because I wanted so much some photos with my Arthur, and that’s what I’ve done. Lately I had the chance to do some other shootings with couples and their cat(s) I am so in love with this idea,” explained this catographer in one of her Instagram posts.

We adore Zampieri’s idea because everyone wants their loved ones at their wedding – and pets shouldn’t be an exception to this rule. The newlyweds will end up sharing their home with these adorable kitties, so why not make them a part of their big day?