These Unique Ceramic Vessels Raise Awareness to Endangered Animals

There are many ways we can help animals in need, and creating beautiful art is certainly one of them. A Toronto based interior designer turned ceramic artist, Miranda Lee is doing her part by creating unique ceramic vessels shaped like animals. She’s hoping that her ceramics will raise awareness of endangered animals.

Lee says she was always passionate about ceramics and Egyptian art and she decided to combine these passions and her love for animals in order to create something good. Her ceramic vessels, inspired by Egyptian Canopic Jars, were made by combining techniques of throwing, slipcasting, and hand building. First, she created vessels shaped like bears, bunnies, and foxes, but then she decided to focus on animals that are at risk of extinction.

“I want to let others know commonly seen animals like the polar bears and koalas are actually at risk of being endangered, so I also handwrite the name of the animal as well as its Conservation Status by the IUCN at the bottom of the jars,” the artist shared on Bored Panda.

Check out her unique artwork in the photos below.