These Tips Will Get You Totally Prepared For a New Year of School!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or even an upperclassman, starting a new year at college is always exciting and nervewracking. There’s so much to do, learn, and experience, and it can start to get a little overwhelming.

But, follow these tips and you’ll be so put together your friends will come to you for guidance.


Some professors like a specific style of binder or notebook for their course, but as a good rule of thumb, buy a few new pencils and pens, and highlighters if those help you, so you can come to your first class prepared.

However, don’t go overboard with supplies! Wait to see what you need and then shop after you’ve been to all your courses.

Go Over Notes

If you’re taking a higher-level course of a subject you’ve done in the past, review your notes! This will get your brain churning and in the zone for learning. If you don’t have notes, do a little independent research, it never hurts!


Getting into a new routine is crucial for having a smooth semester. Find out when your favorite workout classes are, memorize your schedule, and see if any of your friends want to join in so you can hang out as much as possible.