These Showering Mistakes May Be Damaging Your Skin

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Statistics say that, on average, we spend a year and a half of our lives in the bathroom, out of which six months are spent taking showers. Are you interested to learn how you can improve your showering game and possibly lower the damage you’re doing to your skin? Read on to find out more about the most common shower-related mistakes people are making.

You Don’t Shower Right After Workout

Sometimes it just happens that you have to tidy up around the house after your workout so you postpone showering until you’re done. This is bad because the bacteria from your sweat stay on your body longer, possibly causing irritations, itching, etc.

You Use Hot Water

Your skin doesn’t love too hot water in the shower. Go with lukewarm if you can’t really handle cold water.

You Wash Your Hair Every Day

Of course, you should shower daily, but if you also wash your hair every time you’re in the shower, you’re doing it more harm than good.

You Leave the Razor in a Wet Environment

This will only spread the bacteria in it, and you’ll be only a tiny cut away from those bacteria entering your bloodstream.