These Hotels Will Make You Feel Like You’re in a Museum or Art Gallery

Photo by thearchlondon/Instagram

Those who travel the world in big style – not in that fancy, rich way, but rather with the high cultural expectations, those who want to experience every place they go to and visit everything it offers, including museums, galleries, exhibitions, who buy local artwork, those people have an option to stay in art hotels and rest from their adventures in a welcoming atmosphere. See our picks of some of the finest art hotels in the world.

Chambers Hotel, New York

This hotel has a valuable collection of about 500 works of art that decorate the walls of the lobby, library, rooms and corridors. In addition, on each floor there is an installation of famous artists, such as John Waters and Sheila Pepe.

The Arch, London

This luxurious London hotel has beautiful, hand-painted walls in the Georgian style. Additionally, the hotel changes the settings of avant-garde paintings, sculptures and collages of contemporary artists such as Julie Cockburn, Linda Culverwell, Vincent Poole, etc.

La Colombe d’Or, Saint Paul de Vence

Southeast France’s hotel La Colombe d’Or has a stunning history. It was founded in the 1920s, originally a café, which immediately attracted a reputable art world of the twentieth century. Today, the hotel still has the same reputation – it is visited by artists, and its walls adorn the works of a modernist like Picasso and Matisse, as well as Miro and Caldera.

Hotel Arts, Barcelona

It is described as a true sanctuary among the hotels on the beach in Barcelona – because of its artfully decorated walls and fantastic architecture – blue glass and steel, in the style of contemporary Spanish art, the Arts hotel reflects the creative spirit of modern Catalonia.

Rome Cavalieri, Rome

The Rome Cavalieri Resort is an eclectic array of artistic creations – oil on canvas, marble sculptures, original stylish furniture and rare tapestries. This unique collection represents periods, countries and artists, and contains over 1000 art objects exhibited in the corridors and hotel halls.