These Beautiful Vases Are Decorative Even When Empty

Walking to the market to get seasonal produce and fresh flowers is one of the most wonderful spring experiences, but this year is a bit different. Until the pandemic ends and we can stroll freely in the crowd again, we bring you the beautiful vases we found that will patiently wait for you to fill them with flowers. They’re gorgeous even when empty, which is a big plus!

Not everyone is able to get freshly cut flowers for their homes these days and that’s okay. If you have access to flower delivery or your own garden with blooming flowers you can still enjoy the spring colors and smells, but if you can’t, don’t feel bad about it. Plant lovers know that having beautiful pots and vases is also a big part of the experience, so order yourself a new vase and make it a centerpiece of your spring decor.

Vases can hold much more than just flowers. You can fill them with branches, artificial flowers, or just keep them empty and plan your perfect spring bouquet once this is all over.