These Are The Dirtiest Places In Your Kitchen

According to some researches, our kitchen is the dirtiest room in our home. It sounds really surprising, given the fact that we must clean it on a daily basis after we prepare our meals.

Keep reading to discover the dirtiest places in your kitchen.

Knobs and Handles

From microwaves and refrigerators to the kitchen cabinet, all of these items in our kitchen have handles and knobs that we touch on a daily basis, leaving all sorts of bacteria behind.

Make sure you clean these items after food preparation or at least once a week.


It’s only logical that the place where we wash our dishes is dirty, so make sure to disinfect your sink on a daily basis. You can also flush sink drains every week with a mixture of hot water and bleach, or vinegar and baking soda.


Yes, our refrigerators are dirty as well, because we bring all sorts of harmful bacteria inside while storing the food. Since it’s crucial that we keep our fridge clean, try disinfecting it on a regular basis and don’t forget to clean the water dispenser, ice maker, and ice bin.