These are the Biggest No-No’s for Summer

No matter where you are, summer is the ultimate time of the year for everyone. Even though it’s hot, there is so much fun and freedom in the air, it just puts you in a celebratory mood all season long!

However, there are definitely some big things you should and should not do during the summer, and these are some of the top ones.


No matter where you are, what time of day it is, if you step outside in summer, you need to wear sunscreen. Even if it’s just on your face, you should never be in contact with the hot summer sun without it.


A lot of people spend more money in the summer because there are more activities to do, places and people to see, and excuses to go out. But, just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean you should blow through all your cash by going on elaborate trips or fancy dinners.

You can still have fun with friends and family doing cost-efficient, low key events like backyard bashes and picnics.

Say No

Even though summer only comes around once a year, don’t be afraid to turn down people to have a night in relaxing. Though you should push yourself to try new things and be social, don’t forget to still take care of yourself and your body.