These are the Best Interior Design Trends for 2021

When it comes to decorating your home, proper planning can be half of the work. This means that now is the perfect time to plan the next year’s renovation and to get to know the latest interior design trends. Here are our favorites.


Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates an idealized rural life. The trend can be applied to everything in your home—the point is to make it cozy and relaxing. Mixing different fabrics and classic patterns can help, so play with options until you get the desired effect.

Mermaid Tiles

Mermaid tiles got their name because of their unique shape that makes them look like a mermaid’s tail. We’ve been loving different tile designs for the past few years, so this is just an expansion on the trend and it’s one that looks really beautiful.

Roof Windows

Roof windows are an amazing way to get more light if you have the option for them. Since they require you to own a house and can’t really be done in places you rent or in apartments that aren’t on the last floor, the trend isn’t for everyone, but a similar effect can be achieved with LED light panels.