These 3 YouTube Fitness Videos Are Keeping Disney Fans Fit

Dance cardio channels are booming on YouTube right now, and the masterminds behind them tend to find inspiration in the most unusual of places. Workout videos to the beat of Disney songs are popping up everywhere, and these are the best channels on YouTube to look for them.

That Disney Girl 

Workout videos aren’t the only thing that Alessa aka That Disney Girl shares with her subscribers, but they’re one of the staples of her channel, especially HIIT Disney workouts.

Teagan Dixon

Teagan Dixon’s channel is filled with amazing workout videos to the beat of the biggest hits. Some of them just happen to feature our favorite tunes from Disney movies, which isn’t that surprising considering the fact that Dixon used to be a dancer at Disney Parks.

Kyra Pro

With 270,000 subscribers and counting, Kyra Pro is one of YouTube’s most popular dance cardio influencers. Her channel has something for everyone, including Disney fans.


Theater geeks will feel right at home on Emily Thorne’s YouTube channel since workout videos inspired by our favorite musicals happen to be one of her specialties. She dedicated many of them to both the beloved Disney classics and modern Disney channel shows.